Mission and vision

Paramax’s mission is to be a world leader in the development and distribution of high-technology in-vitro diagnostic products.
Our goal is to conceive, develop, and sell in-vitro diagnostic products that will improve the quality of the lives of people around the world. Our unique focus has always been on expansion into niche markets within the clinical laboratory.
We are committed to offering these products with exceptional customer service. To assist us in realizing our goal, Paramax adheres to four main guiding principles:


Distribution technology
We strive to optimize our distribution channels based on our customers’ needs.


Collaborative R&D
We strive to develop our network with the Canadian well-known manufacturers and research organizations who may add value to the process.


Customer Service
We strive to provide our customers with excellent, high-quality service and customer support.

Corporate Social Responsibility
          ·      Provide the best-in class work environment for employees and ask our business partners to do so as well.
          ·      Contribute to the development of the communities that we do business with.
          ·      Educate consumers to use our products responsibly.